Munich Christkindlmarkt
Munich Christkindlmarkt

On the second day of Christmas my Bavarian friend gave to me: a pair of sausages.

In Bavaria it’s quite normal to eat some type of sausages on Christmas morning. The reasons people eat these vary, but one popular reason is that it is so easy. Munich, surprisingly, isn’t a particularly great place to get sausages in the land of sausages, but does have one that is worth mentioning.

Münchner Weißwurst, a bavarian sausage
Münchner Weißwurst, a bavarian sausage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are the white sausages which are made of veal and pork and seasoned with parsley. No preservatives are used in their preparation which means they must be eaten fresh. Served with sweet mustard (Handlmaier’s from Regensburg is the hands-down favorite by everyone here), a crispy pretzel and wheat beer, the ‘Bavarian Breakfast’ is a popular Christmas tradition.

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