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“Traces of Life” Director Marjan Radovich at Munich’s Underground Filmfest Screening

A MunichNOW Interview: MUNICH -- (MunichNOW Arts & Culture) -- MunichNOW interviewed Slovenian actor/director Marjan Radanovich about his first directed, acted, and produced "Traces of Life"...

2017 Underground Filmfest at the Werkstattkino INVITE ALL YOUR FILM LOVER, FILMMAKER AND ACTOR FRIENDS...great way to network, have fun and watch a selection of new short films from around...

2015: Underground FilmFest’s James Kellogg Talks to MunichNOW

MUNICH -- (MunichNOW Culture) -- We recently caught up with James Kellogg, the man behind the curtain at the recently launched Munich Underground FilmFest....

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