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Traditional Dance at the Oktoberfest

How about some Schuhplattler? The origins of this social dance are found in an early courtship display (Balztanz). Such a dance was described in 1050...

COMMENT: Five Oktoberfest Myths You Probably Believe

Cultural Humour from Albert Mooney This is an article about exploding the myths of Oktoberfest, so, by way of introduction, let’s cut straight to myth number one...

Oktoberfest Sing-Alongs, Anthems, and Musical Traditions

MUNICH (MunichNOW Oktoberfest 2017-- I love the traditional Bavarian brass band music as much as the next guy, but these days that don’t get “da party sta-sta-started” like these modern...

The Krinoline is the Oldest Ride at Oktoberfest 2017

MUNICH -- (MunichNOW Oktoberfest) -- A trip to Oktoberfest 2017 wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the historic Krinoline merry-go-round, the fest’s oldest...

Photo Album: Saturday Night Walkabout at the Oktoberfest

It is not all beer tents and hoards of drunk people. It is rides, food, families, teens -- all out for a fun evening...

MunichNOW’s Dan Brown Profiles CDU Candidate Angela Merkel

MUNICH -- (MunichNOW Politics) --  Angela Merkel, often called the most powerful woman in the world, is seeking in this election a fourth term...

World-Class Rugby7s Comes to Munich’s Olympic Stadium!

OK. So just what is Rugby7s, anyway? MunichNOW's Dan Brown explains: The inaugural DHL Oktoberfest7s arrives in Munich on the 29th and 30th of September,...

Six Charts To Help Everyone Understand The Upcoming German Election |...

MUNICH -- MunichNOW Politics -- You may have heard rumblings about a populist party poised to gain power in Germany’s election on Sept. 24...

German Elections: Who Can Challenge Angela Merkel?

MUNICH -- (MunichNOW Politics) -- Angela Merkel has remained one of the few constants in the volatile world of European politics in recent times. Mrs....

Top 10 End-of-Summer Free Things To Do in Munich

MUNICH (MunichNOW Media) Since the capital of Bavaria isn't exactly bargain city, we’ve come up with this handy list of freebies in Munich so...

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