Seven Books to Read Before Visiting Munich

Whether you’re looking for a gritty wartime read or an light page-turner, Munich has inspired many authors over the years. Bavaria’s picturesque capital has a distinct culture and atmosphere that make it the perfect setting for a novel. These seven books put Munich at the heart of the novel, using everything from Munich’s Nazi past to its airport as inspiration.


1Straight into Darkness (2006) by Faye Kellerman

Straight into Darkness takes the reader right back to the Roaring Twenties. While the city washes down cocktails and embraces flappers, homicide inspector Axel Berg has a big case on his hands: not one, but two bodies have been found in the Englischer Garten. Berg must solve the case quickly not only for the victims but also to minimise the panic spreading rapidly across the city, stirred up by the Nazi Party and its persuasive leader.

22 How to Steal a Lion (2011) by Kirk Haggerty

3Risking Exposure (2013) by Jeanne Moran

Courtesy of CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

4Ruins of War (2015) by John A. Connell

Ruins of War | Courtesy of Penguin Publishing Group

5Munich Airport (2016) by Greg Baxter

Munich Airport | Courtesy of Twelve

6The Sound of Munich (2006) by Suzanne Nelson

Sound of Munich | Courtesy of Speak

7Journey to Munich (2016) by Jacqueline Winspear

Courtesy of HarperCollins