One of the real curiosities for locals at Oktoberfest is watching the “amateur Italians, Aussies, and Brits” lose their mind drinking beer (the Russians, on the other hand, handle it all quite nicely), and ogling the breasts of young female revelers wearing dirndls.

too much Oktoberfest -- dpa
too much Oktoberfest — dpa

We thought we would give you a short list of other interesting items lost at Oktoberfest.
These were culled from the official statistics provided by Munich’s Office for Labor and Economy.

Lost and found objects: 4,530 total items: including 1,060 ID cards and credit cards, 620 wallets, 556 mobiles phones, 270 purses, backpacks and bags, 410 keys, 80 cameras and equipment, 95 pieces of jewelry and ONLY 42 umbrellas.

Hundreds of lost phones
Hundreds of lost phones

Curiosities: Leg warmers (a pair of dress pants and two pairs of “unusual” traditional pants-what does ‘unusual mean?’), five notebook computers, two French Horns (huh? No trombones?), … a ping-pong racket (Okay…), a Playboy magazine with a personal autograph
from the current Wiesn playmate (there’s a Wiesn Playmate?)

Wiesn Playmate Karolina Witkowska
Wiesn Playmate Karolina Witkowska

….and a dog. Yes, a dog. No pussy cats as far as we can tell, and thankfully, no snakes, snapping
turtles or other reptiles which could potentially cancel the whole festival.

The recovery rate was 19 per cent.