Munich Christmas Market Round Up
Munich Christmas Market Round Up

MUNICH (MunichNOW Life) There are Christmas Markets all over the city, not just in Marienplatz as you might assume. Each one of these more local markets has its own character and style, and many times special food and drink. Some even has scheduled shows and performances.

Weihnachtsmarkt Munich
As the centre of the conservative and mainly Catholic state of Bavaria, it is hardly surprising that Munich has one of the oldest and most traditional of Christmas markets. The Christkindlmarkt is held in front of Munich Town Hall in a prime location for the three million visitors in the pedestrian heart of the city. Locals reckon that the roots of the market go back into the 14th century, although it has only been in its present prime position since the 1970s. Although Munich may well be the capital of a conservative state, it is also known for being a rich and trendy cultural hotspot and the mix of of tastes in other markets is an interesting one.

Here are some of the city markets which have their own websites.

Christkindlmarkt, Munich / Munich Christkindlmarkt
The main city market overflows from Marienplatz and up the pedestrian shopping street towards the Christmas crib market and over into the Rindermarkt and out to the Cathedral.
Dates: 27.11.16 – 23.12.16
Times: Monday to Saturday : 10.00-21.00
Sunday : 10.00-20.00
(Christmas Eve : 10.00-14.00)
Location: On Marienplatz and the main shopping centre streets

Weihnachtsdorf, Residenz München / Christmas Village at the Munich Residenz
The organisers of this market have recreated a farming village in the Emperor’s Court of the Munich Residenz, the former Bavarian seat of government.
Dates: 24.11.16 – 23.12.16
Times: 11.00-21.00
Location: In a courtyard of the Munich Residenz

Residenz München Christmas Village at the Munich Residenz --munichFOTO
Residenz München Christmas Village at the Munich Residenz –munichFOTO

Christmas market at the Sendlinger Tor, Munich / Christmas Market at the Sendlinger Tor
This Christmas market is situated at one of the southern gates to what used to be the fortified walls of the city in the Middle Ages. This smaller market has been going since the mid-1990s.
Dates: 27.11.16 – 23.12.16
Times: 10.30-21.00
Location: At the Sendlinger Tor

Middle Ages Christmas Market in Munich / The Middle Ages Market
This market tries hard to recreate the atmosphere of what the original Munich Christmas markets must have been like, with music, handmade stalls and stallholders dressed in clothing from the Middle Ages.
Dates: 27.11.16 – 23.12.16
Times: 11.00- 20.00
Location: On the Wittelsbacherplatz

Middle Ages Christmas Market at Wittelsbacherplatz -- munichFOTO
Middle Ages Christmas Market at Wittelsbacherplatz — munichFOTO

Weihnachtsmarkt, Chinesischer Turm, MünchenChristmas Market at the Chinese Tower
The popular beer garden around the Chinese Tower in the English Gardens public park is the location for this Christmas market.
Dates: 28.11.16 – 23.12.16
Times: Monday – Friday : 12.00-20.30
Saturday – Sunday : 11.00-20.30
Location: In the English Gardens

Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt, München / Schwabing Christmas Market
Schwabing is situated to the north of the city centre and is known as a lively student section of the city, with plenty of bars, nightlife and activity.
Dates: 28.11.16 – 24.12.16
Times: Monday – Friday : 12.00-20.30
Saturday – Sunday : 11.00-20.30
Location: Near the Münchner Freiheit U-Bahn station

Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt --munichFOTO
Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt –munichFOTO

Pink Christmas, München / Pink Christmas
Pink Christmas is an initiative from the gay and lesbian community of the city, although all visitors are welcome to this lively market. There is a regular show programme at 19.00.
Dates: 24.11.146 – 23.12.16
Times: Monday – Friday : 16.00-22.00
Saturday – Sunday : 12.00-22.00
Location: Stephansplatz just south of Sendlinger Tor

Pink Christmas -- munichFOTO
Pink Christmas — munichFOTO

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