US Pitcher Ryan Bollinger Joins the Munich-Haar Disciples
US Pitcher Ryan Bollinger Joins the Munich-Haar Disciples

MUNICH — (MunichNOW Sports) — The Munich-Haar Disciples intensive search for a new pitcher has paid off with the just-announced signing of Ryan Bollinger, an American player who played in the Chicago White Sox organization.

The 26-year-old US-American Ryan Bollinger will replace his predecessor, Justin Erasmus, in the coming season as Erasmus will not be returning to the team.

With the season opener on March 31 rapidly approaching, the team is just completing a 10-day training camp near Rome. “We can not afford to miss a thing like last year,” explains the former head coach and current general manager Mitch Stephan, who has handed over the sports management director Christopher Howard and head coach Don Freeman.

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The Munich-Haar Disciples Baseball team

The Munich-Haar Disciples Baseball teamRyan Bollinger, the left-hander, is set to make a strong start to the season. The contact with Bollinger came via Mitch Stephan, who played in Bollinger in Australia in 2015. “I wanted to have him last year,” Stephan says.

The two-meter tall giant can already look back on a very successful baseball career. As an 18-year-old he was still in the high school when he was picked up by the Philadelphia Phillies. A year later, the Chicago White Sox made him a pitcher and he managed to play his way up to the single A team at the White Sox.

He then moved to several Independent ball teams before finding a permanent home for the last two years in the Can Am League at the Trois-Rivieres Aigles where he was the starting pitcher for the 2015 championship.

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In the winter of 2014 and 2015, Bollinger also played in Australia, where he also made contact with Mitch Stephan and the Disciples. “We are delighted to have found our preferred candidate with Ryan,” said sports director Christopher Howard.

Together with the returnees Josh Petersen and William Thorp, the foreign quota in the Disciples is exhausted. “We are still in touch with a few German players to give the squad a little more depth,” adds Howard. Bollinger will join the team in early March.

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