Fun for all involved! Photo: DPA

The weather is at its best and with Munich’s recreational activities reaching a peak, now is the time to take part in one of the biggest inline skating events in the world.

Since May 6th, Blade Night has been running and will continue to do so, weather permitting, every Monday until September 9th. The communal skate through the city starts at 9pm, although gathering at the traffic centre section of the German Museum (close to Theresienwiese) begins around 7pm.

Last year, figures reached around 8,000 in good weather. 2011 proved to be a less than successful year, with rain reducing the number of events to eight.

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There are four main routes open to skaters, all designed to disperse the large numbers and minimise the impact on the city’s daily life.

Northern Route (Strecke Nord)
Takes you by the Olympia Park and then allows you to fly down Leopoldstrasse. As with every route, there is a long and a short version. In this case, 17.2km for the long route and 12km for the shorter one.

Western Route (Strecke West)
A 16km stretch that takes you by the Nymphenburg Castle and its surrounding areas. 16.7km at its peak, 13.5km with a shortcut or two.

Eastern Route (Strecke Ost)
The river Isar route. Skate by the smells and sounds of the city’s zoo but try not to be tempted by smells of the barbecues on the Thalkirchner Bridge. A hefty 19km should you choose, 14.9km if not.

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Family Route (Strecke West)
Befitting of the name and purpose, this is the shortest route at 7.5km. A dip to the south before a return to the start area is the best option for all groups, newcomers included.

There’s plenty of people around to help (they’re on skates too) if you get lost, confused or bruised. Returning for this year, is the option to rent equipment as well and due to a promotion from brands K2 and Rollerblade, there is no fee (identification must be exchanged). Make sure you get there quick though, it is a popular event!