The Skateboarding Scene in Munich: Part 2

For our 2nd clip we fortunately got in touch with Fabian Lang. He’s a 24 year old pro skater from Munich and has been travelling around the whole world to represent his unique style of skating. Not only being a terrific sakter, he’s also majoring in economics to combine his passion with business in the near future.

Fabian says… The Skateboarding Scene in Munich: Part 2 from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.

Pushing around the whole city for a day we learned a lot about the freedom and individuality skating brings to a skaters life. Telling us about seeing the city with its buildings and public spaces in a skaters perspective, can be an inspiring way how to see or even use your surroundings. But not only Fabians view of the city sets a trigger for new thoughts. Also building a common sense on fair trade products or a collective idea of sustainability is given within the scene, but not yet ready to be settled in an everyday lifestyle.
Listen to what Fabian says…

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