A great Oktoberfest warm-up - the Erdinger Volksfest opens this coming weekend. Photo: dpa / photo alliance
A great Oktoberfest warm-up - the Erdinger Volksfest continues this coming weekend. Photo: dpa / photo alliance

So, you cannot wait until Oktoberfest, and would like to try some of Bavaria’s finest. Perhaps wear your lederhosen to break them in before the big beer bash is a few short weeks. Oh dear, what to do? Go to the ‘Erding Folks’ Fest’, and see on a most intimate level what upper-Bavaria has to offer!

Erding, home of one of the world’s best wheat beers, has two big tents, the Weißbierzelt, and the Stiftungszelt, for your enjoyment. The former is for those who are looking for some tradition and respectability, the latter is for the, dare we say, crazier crowd. Each hold over 3,000 patrons-officially. Come and get some!

Take the S2, to Erding, about 45 minutes from Munich’s Central Station, and don’t forget to have a quick look at Erding’s center. It’s well worth the trip. Even more importantly, strike up a conversation with the locals at your table, they’d love the free English lesson!

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