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Our mission is to explain, expand, and illuminate the news, life, culture, sport, and recreation for Munich’s growing English language community.
From how and when to tip – to finding the best beer garden in the city – to understanding the ins and outs of German politics – MunichNOW is here to help you with life in Bavaria.
MunichNOW not only reports the news, we explain the news.
Your contributions and comments are welcome and we hope to hear from you through the contact form on this page – or through our Facebook.com/munichnow page, via Twitter at MunichNOW_media, or at munichnow on Instagram.


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MunichNOW is your English-language source for news, arts & culture, events, and Munich life – in stories, photos, and videos.
Locally written and produced by residents with more than 50 years of overseas living.

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