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Our friend, raconteur, and gadabout Ken Macbeth Knowles on summer in the city:
Many European cities are empty for the entire month of August. Well, not empty exactly, because there are still plenty of tourists. Yet the locals are gone. None of this is new, by the way.

Parisians are notorious for abandoning the City of Light and make a mass exodus to the Côte d’Azur and points far beyond. Italian city dwellers aren’t any different I’ve been told.Commentary: August All To Ourselves

And here in Munich? There are plenty of people still here through the first few weeks of August, but it seems like they’re either filling in for those that’re long gone or they’re busily preparing for their own escape. An already emptier than normal city is about to get emptier.

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That means if you steer clear of the places where tourists flock, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful things our city has to offer. Without others elbowing you out of the way, you can get a seat at your local café. That cool place that does brunch on the weekends? On a Sunday morning, which would be packed to the rafters at any other time of year, your cool brunch is remarkably attainable.Commentary: August All To Ourselves

You want to go to a public swimming pool and actually find a spot on the grass? You won’t be alone there on a sunny day – there are some left over locals, after all. You’re not completely alone; this isn’t exactly a ghost town. However, you will have room to breathe. Not that it’s difficult to breathe here in this beautiful city nestled near the foot of the Alps.

If you’re in Munich this August and you think you simply have to get out, then I guess you should do what you must. If you can calm that urge though, there’s quite a lot worth sticking around here for. If you stay here with me, we’ll practically have August all to ourselves.
Summer on the lake

Ken Macbeth KnowlesYou can read more of Ken’s work at his blog, Lahikmajoe: Missives from the corner of Old Europe.
This is what he has to say about himself:
Raised in Texas, studied music in Cincinnati, moved here from Colorado. Based in Munich, Bavaria for more than a decade.

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In addition to tea drinking, I write about anything tangentially related to it, whether it be music, media and/or culture. Although fascinated with new media, you can still find me engrossed daily in a print newspaper.

Despite glimpses of maturity, I still get worked up about topics most people stopped worrying about long ago. For example, the band Genesis was much better before they started letting the drummer sing.

I adore female singers and uncompromising songwriting; few things make me homesick, but well-sung harmonies take me back.